In 1951 the former company “Belgo-Chemica BVBA” was started by my grandfather (Julien Wuyts). The shop that was located in Hopland in Antwerp mainly focused on the supply of basic chemicals for laboratories, hospitals and the diamond sector.

Now in 2021, 70 years later, I am starting my own company “Belgo-Chemicals” as the 3rd generation. Belgo-Chemicals will mainly focus on the sale of chemical and pharmaceutical products to laboratories, hospitals, pharmacists and the diamond sector. Belgo-Chemicals will also profile itself as a supplier of cleaning products, degreasers, etc., to the general industry. As an underlying division, we also offer maintenance products for wellness and private customers.

As a Belgo-Team you can contact us for all your questions, Belgo-Chemicals is, after all, your partner in Chemistry!